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Our friends at the Missouri Parks & Recreation have compiled a complete list of trails throughout Missouri. You can search by city, county, or zip code and find pertinent details about each trail at

Here are a few of the major trails through Missouri.  Use this information to plan your bicycle trip, then search for bike-friendly attractions to enjoy along the way!

MO Trails

Katy Trail

The Katy Trail runs through the Katy Trail State Park. The park is the nation’s longest rails-to-trails project, stretching between Machens and Clinton in Missouri. 


There's enough variety to keep you interested with tree-shaded areas, open fields, impressive Missouri River bluffs and quaint communities along the way. 

Rock Island Trail

This new cross-state trail will be an extension of the Katy Trail from Windsor to Pleasant Hill along the Rock Island Trail State Park.


The 47.5-mile-long extension will allow hikers and bicyclists greater access from the Kansas City region to the 240-mile long Katy Trail.

American Discovery Trail

The ADT is the only non-motorized, coast-to-coast recreational trail stretching across 15 states and 6,800 miles. 

In Missouri, the trail is divided into 3 segments totaling 343 miles:
St. Louis to St. Charles — 33 miles 
St. Charles (Katy Trail) to Boonville — 154 miles
Boonville to Kansas City (Kansas state line) — 156 miles

Frisco Highline Trail

The Frisco Highline Trail runs over 35 miles in Missouri, connecting Springfield to Bolivar.


The trail is open to non-motorized travel only, walking, running, bicycling, skating and (in season) cross-country skiing. 

Great Rivers South Trail

Great Rivers South Trail runs 1,276, from Muscatine, IA, through the eastern edge of Missouri into Baton Rouge, LA.

Although titled the Great Rivers South Bicycle Route, you'll hardly ride any long stretches along rivers. Instead, you'll cross many of the great rivers that feed into the Mississippi.

Lewis & Clark Trail

The Lewis & Clark Trail spans 3,062 miles, from Hartford, IL to Seaside, OR.


The top of the trail begins in Illinois, runs through the center of Missouri and into Council Bluffs, IA, a total of 554.5 miles. 

The main route of the Lewis & Clark Bicycle Trail is made up of paved roads, bike paths, and unpaved rail-trails, with occasional short sections of gravel roads. Conditions vary from rural to urban.

Transamerica Trail

The TransAmerica Trail extends 4,228.5 miles across the country, from Astoria, OR to Yorktown, VA. The portion of the trail that runs through Missouri extends approximately 408 miles.


If you decide to ride the entire trail (coast to coast), plan on around three months (give or take) for the crossing. Some traverse the route quicker, but this leaves less time for sightseeing.

Route 66 Trail

The Route 66 Trail is comprised of four trails: Inner Loop Trail, Outer Loop Trail, South Loop Trail and the "W" Trail.

The Inner and Outer Loop are considered easy trails while the South and W Trails are considered moderate. The longest portion of the trail is the Outer Loop at 3.25 miles.

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