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You’re passionate about cycling in Missouri and want to give back, right?


Here are some great opportunities for you to offer your services to your fellow cycling enthusiasts.

There are so many great cycling organizations across the state of Missouri.  


Looking for a group to join? Check out these MO Enthusiasts! 

Your donation to the Missouri Foundation for Bicycling & Walking helps us make Missouri a better, safer place for bicycling, walking, and trails.

About I Bike MO

Are you enthusiastic about cycling in Missouri? 
So are we! 


I Bike MO was created by the Missouri Foundation for Bicycling & Walking as THE bicycle tourism site for the state of Missouri.


I Bike MO is a shared resource site for bicycle groups, organizations, shops, and cycling enthusiasts across Missouri.


Whether you’re into road cycling, cyclocross, mountain biking, or utility cycling, we hope that you’ll use I Bike MO as your central resource for bicycle tourism in Missouri.


Share your pictures, share your resources, share your news, and share your enthusiasm because
we ALL Bike MO!

Show Us How YOU Bike MO!

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